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Journal of Tourism and Rural Space

Aims & Scope

Journal of Tourism and Rural Space (JTARS) is an international, scientific double-blind peer-reviewed open access journal published annually online by "Gh. Zane" Institute for Economic and Social Research – Iași Branch of Romanian Academy.

JTARS is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes research articles, review articles, research notes, viewpoints, teaching and learning case studies, and book reviews, emerging from theoretical and experimental studies in all fields of tourism, hospitality and rurality.

The main aim of JTARS is to publish quality original scientific papers and provide a platform for scientists, social scientists, policy analysts, managers and practitioners (on all academic and professional levels) all over the world to promote, discuss and share various new issues and developments in different arenas of tourism, hospitality and rurality.

The journal promotes all methods, perspectives and traditions in the analysis of tourism, hospitality and rurality, from the normative to the naturalistic and experimental.

JTARS is free of any fees or charges.

The topics related to the journal include but are not limited to:

▪ Agritourism;

▪ Best practices in tourism from around the world;

▪ Cultural tourism;

▪ Economic growth, sustainable development and tourism;

▪ Ecotourism;

▪ E-tourism;

▪ Gastronomy and wine tourism;

▪ Health tourism;

▪ Hospitality industry;

▪ Mountain tourism;

▪ Religious tourism;

▪ Romanian successful entrepreneurial practices in tourism;

▪ Romanian village at risk of extinction;

▪ Rural development;

▪ Rural tourism;

▪ Tourism and the COVID-19 pandemic;

▪ Tourism and cross-border cooperation;

▪ Tourism-connected industries;

▪ Tourism legislation in European countries;

▪ Tourism management;

▪ Tourism marketing;

▪ Tourism in the Republic of Moldova;

▪ Tourism in Turkey;

▪ Tourism in Ukraine.


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