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Key Topics


Bridging Agriculture and Tourism

Best Practices in Tourism Worldwide

Successful Models and Initiatives from Around the Globe

Cultural Tourism

The Fusion of Heritage and Travel Experiences

Economic Growth, Sustainable Development, and Tourism

The Interconnectedness for Responsible Tourism Growth


Nurturing Nature, Connecting Communities, and Sustainable Adventures 


Digital Trends Shaping the Tourism Landscape 

Gastronomy and Wine Tourism

The Cultural Richness of Culinary and Wine Experiences

Health Tourism

The Wellness and Medical Tourism Landscape 

Hospitality Industry

Trends, Challenges, and Innovations in Hospitality 

Mountain Tourism

The Allure and Challenges of Tourism in Mountainous Regions

Religious Tourism

The Spiritual and Cultural Dimensions of Travel 

Romanian Village at Risk of Extinction

The Challenges Faced by Rural Romania

Rural Development

Strategies for Sustainable Growth 

Rural Tourism

Transformative Journeys into the Heart of Rural Heritage

Tourism and Cross-Border Cooperation

Building Bridges for Sustainable Travel 

Tourism-Connected Industries

Intersecting Sectors Shaping the Tourism Ecosystem

Tourism Legislation

Regulatory Frameworks for Sustainable Tourism 

Tourism Management

Strategies for Effective Destination Governance 

Tourism Marketing

Trends and Strategies for Destination Promotion 

Tourism and Pandemics

The Impact, Adaptation, and Recovery 

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