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PPTs 2024

Regenerative Rural Tourism Pivoting on Living Heritage

Permanent and Seasonal Residents of the Little Beskid Mountains against the Extreme Weather Events: Awareness, Perceptions and Coping Strategies

Sustainable Tourism in Eastern Europe: An Analysis of Inbound Tourism

Comparison of Quantitative Analysis of Geosite and Geomorphosite for Geotourism Purposes in Baturraden and Guci Hot Springs Tourism Areas, Central Java, Indonesia

Rural and Urban Spaces in Romania: Statistical Analysis of Cultural and Artistic Units, Cultural Consumption (During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic) and the Current Degree of Digitization

Uzbekistan as a Hub for Tourism and Hospitality in Central Asia

Implications of Smart Tourism in Planning and Developing Protected Areas

Digital Transformation and Sustainable Oriented Innovation

Climate Information for Climate Action in Romanian Rural Tourism

Strategic Brand Management Planning for Location Tourism

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