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Session 6 - 2024

Friday, 24th of May

4:00 PM - 6:15 PM (Bucharest Time)

National Agency for Mountain Areas - ANZM

Runc Hall

Language: Romanian

Chair: Dr. Daniela MATEI (Romania)

Daniela MATEI, Senior Researcher, "Gheorghe Zane" Institute for Economic and Social Research - Romanian Academy, Branch of Iași, Romania

Development, Risks, and Vulnerabilities in Local Tourist Resorts in Bukovina

The accounting information must allow means to discern, quantify, classify, and evaluate all actions and activities of an economic entity, both for actual investors and potential ones. Accounting information is undoubtedly one of the most important resources provided by accountants. The article highlights the importance of accounting information in improving the performance of companies in the tourism and hospitality sector, and also outlines the characteristics and preliminary requirements for accounting information to be used effectively. When examining the correlation between accounting information and market value, it becomes evident that the relevance of accounting information for a company is determined by the presence of a significant statistical relationship between the two. If such a relationship is absent, it can be concluded that the accounting information lacks relevance, as it fails to meet one of the fundamental objectives of financial statements. This reasoning leads to an examination of the relevance and reliability of accounting data for companies in the tourism and hospitality industry in Romania, where the capital market is evolving.

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